Resa med barn

Resa med barn

Resa med barn & spädbarns

Our cabin crew are trained to help young people, and those flying with them, to enjoy their flight. NyxAir hopes the following information will help put your mind at ease when planning a trip with children.

Age definitions:

  • Infants those up to 2 years
  • Children are those 2-11 inclusive
  • Youth are those 12-15 inclusive
  • Those 16 and over are classified as adults

    Travelling with infants

    Infants who have not reached their second birthday and are carried on their parent’s lap do not pay an air fare. An infant aged between 6 months and under 2 years may be carried in their own forward facing, approved car seat, though a child fare will apply for the booked seat. NyxAir does not provide car seats.