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General Information

This Privacy Policy regulates how NyxAir collects, uses, discloses and in other ways processes your personal data. Here, we also explain your rights, how to contact us and how we protect your data.

This Privacy Policy applies to all the personal data we process about you when you plan your trip, travel with us, purchase or use our services, visit our online services or otherwise interact with us. We process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other applicable data protection legislation.

You can find more information about the processing of your personal data under each topic below.

Data Collector

NyxAir OÜ, Peterburi tee 44 11415 Tallinn, Estonia, Registration code: 14361523

When and How We Process Your Personal Data

NyxAir collects personal data about you that you provide to us when you use our websites or our services, for example when you book a trip or when you contact our customer service.

In connection with your trip, we will process your personal data in accordance with a common industry standard for reservation and travel data in the airline and travel industry, referred to as Passenger Name Record (“PNR”) in electronic reservation systems. PNR data contains the passengers' name, address, contact information and relevant information regarding any such additional services requested, as well as travel data for a passenger or group of passengers who are traveling together. The purpose of a common industry standard is to create standardized processes for exchanging reservation and travel data between different airlines for passengers who are flying with more than one airline to reach their destination and to facilitate airport services for passengers, such as check-in and luggage handling.

With your consent, we may also collect personal data about you from external sources, for example NyxAir partners (these can be companies that provide such services that you may consider purchasing in association with your trip, such as hotel chains and car rental companies). Data may also be obtained from social networks such as Facebook or Google that you have connected to some of our services.

For Which Purpose Will We Use Your Personal Data?

NyxAir collects your personal data for different purposes. The personal data that we collect and how we use it depends on which services you use and which (if any) logins you have. We will use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To provide and administer the services that you have requested from us and to meet our commitments to you in your use of our services, for example in association with the management and administration of your bookings and payments.
  • For administrative purposes, for example in order to be able to process accounting, invoicing and auditing, verification and control of debit cards, necessary immigration and customs checks, matters concerning health and safety, as well as other administrative and/or legal purposes when justified.
  • To be able to fulfill our agreement with you, for example by sending such information to you that is necessary with respect to the service you have purchased from us, for example information about booking status, any changes to your travel arrangements and similar.
  • With your specific consent to one or more of the purposes below, we will also process your personal information in accordance with the following:
  • To market our services and those of our partners, for example by sending or offering newsletters, campaigns, special offers and other marketing offers
  • To improve, analyze, develop, and maintain our services for the purpose of continuously improving our customer offer.

On Which Legal Grounds Do We Process Your Personal Data?

To be able to fulfill our agreement with you (for example so that you can carry out your travel), we must process certain data about you. The information we process depends on which type of agreement we have concluded but in general we will process the following information:

  • Information that identifies you, such as name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number, payment details, gender, and passport number.
  • Information about your bookings, your travel plans, your travel company, any booking preferences that require assistance or special diet and other information linked to your booking.
  • Information that we obtained from external sources for example, information from our partners and other similar information, as well as information that we have obtained from someone else who has made a booking in your name.
  • Information that you provide when you contact us in association with your travel, for example luggage check-in and aboard our flights, contact with our customer services (including audio recordings) or when you contact us via social media.
  • Information attributable if you are traveling under a corporate agreement.

NyxAir may also be statutorily liable to process and save certain personal data about you and will do so to the extent required by law. For example, the legal requirements with which we must comply may concern reporting, customs and immigration issues and law enforcement.

We will also process your personal data to prevent, examine or report cases of fraud or security issues and to cooperate with law enforcement bodies. It is usually in both parties’ interest that your data is processed.

If We Have Been Given Your Consent

NyxAir will also process your personal data when we have been given your consent for processing. You have the right to revoke your consent at any point in time.

We will only process the following data if we have been given your express, specific, informed, and unambiguous consent:

  • Your contact details to be able to contact you for marketing purposes, if you have booked a trip with us or registered to receive newsletters or offers via email.
  • Information about your use of our services, including travel and booking history.
  • Information that we collect through cookies or other technologies in your computer or smartphone, includes type of web browser, operating system, type of device, how much time you have spent on our website and which of our pages you visited, when you last visited our website and which page led you there.

To Whom Will NyxAir Disclose Your Personal Data?

NyxAir will only share your personal data in the exemption situations described below.

Because of mandatory requirements from foreign authorities and to make possible the execution of the travel plans you have chosen, NyxAir and other airlines may be under an obligation to provide foreign authorities access to certain PNR data and Advanced Passenger Information (“API”). Such data is used primarily to prevent and combat terrorism and other serious crime. In addition, PNR and API are governed through Directive 2016/681/EU. If it is necessary in order for us to be able to carry out your flight in accordance with the terms and conditions for travel, your personal data will also be shared with:

  • Other airlines and other companies that are involved in the provision of the service that you will make use of;
  • Companies that are part of the booking and performance of your flight, e.g. travel agencies and agents;
  • IT providers and developer who ensure the operation and security of our IT systems on behalf of NyxAir such as WorldTicket A/S;
  • Payment provider Makesekeskus AS including bank link payment service and credit card companies with which NyxAir collaborates to offer different payment solutions;
  • Security companies and businesses that work with preventing and combating fraud; and
  • Authorities and law enforcement bodies.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Data?

We have taken extensive technical and organizational measures to protect your data from loss, abuse, and unauthorized access. Processing and transfer of data between your web browser and our server is properly protected by encryption and we are continuously updating our security measures.

When you pay for any of our services using a card, all information is sent via a secure connection to ensure that your personal data cannot be read by third parties. The actors with whom we collaborate in terms of card payments are all certified in accordance with the international security standard PCI-DSS, which means a very high level of security for the processing of your card details.


We use subcontractors to be able to provide our services to you. Our subcontractors process your personal data only on behalf of NyxAir and in accordance with instructions issued by NyxAir. All subcontractors that process personal data on behalf of NyxAir have concluded personal data processing agreement with us in accordance with applicable law. We hire subcontractors in several different areas, for example for IT services like booking system, storage, and operation.

For How Long Do We Store Your Personal Data?

We will save your personal data if it is necessary with regard to the purpose of the processing.

If you have created a user account on our website, information about you will be saved as long as you have an active account with us.

If you book a trip with NyxAir, we will save your data for ten years after the trip is completed to meet legal and regulatory requirements and process any grievances and complaints.

What Are Cookies and How Does NyxAir Use Them?

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files with information that is stored on your computer (or other internet connected devices, such as smartphones or tablets) when you visit a website.

Cookies are used to get web pages to work more effectively but also to provide certain information to the owner of a home page. Cookies make it possible to differentiate different users from each other, which in turn can give respective users a more tailored and positive experience of the website.

NyxAir uses cookies that are necessary for the website to work correctly so that you can navigate our website and use its functions. Our website also uses cookies to make it possible to optimize the functions of the website, to improve your experience and to individualize future visits by remembering your user preferences. Such cookies are further intended to confirm when you log in to “My Pages” and to verify users. Furthermore, cookies are used to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics to understand how users use the websites and to help us improve the structure and content of these.

Some of the cookies used on our website are so-called third-party cookies, which are set by some of our partners. If you have consented to it, these third-party cookies use information about your use of our website. For more detailed information about our use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy.

Will The Privacy Policy Be Changed?

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time and the updated version will always be available on our homepage. NyxAir Privacy Policy was last updated 13 November 2020.

Your Data, Your Rights

You will always receive a confirmation of the action we have taken on your request (for example, confirmation of deletion). We will let you know if we cannot fulfil a request you have made, and the reasons behind such decision. Making a personal data request is free of charge once every six (6) months. We reserve the right to reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, excessive, or clearly unfounded.

Revocation of Consent

If we process information about you based on your consent, you have the right to revoke your consent at any point in time by contacting us. We will then terminate the processing of the personal data that is based on your consent. You can only revoke your consent for future processing and not for processing that has already happened. If you revoke your consent, this may mean that for example, you can no longer receive similar tailored offers and that you cannot fully use some of our services.

You also have the right to decline marketing notifications. Every marketing notification that we send to you will contain a link that you can use if you wish to unsubscribe from further marketing distributions.

Note that although you have informed us of your wish to no longer receive marketing notifications, we will still send you such information that is necessary for us to be able to meet our commitments to you, for example booking confirmations and other information in connection with your booking with us.

Correction and Deletion

If your personal data that we processes are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can either log in to your account and correct the data or request that the data are corrected or deleted by emailing Please note that deletion may mean that NyxAir cannot perform booked services and that your account may be terminated.

Right to Restrict Processing

You have the right to restrict the use of your personal data or request the termination of the use of your personal data. This will probably mean that NyxAir can no longer provide its services to you.

Right to Read the Data

If you want to get more information about how we process your personal data or if you want to know what kind of personal data about you that we process, you can request to obtain your personal data. You have the right to request a copy of your personal data from our register. NyxAir will only disclose personal data if we can verify your identity.

Right to Complain

It is important for us that you feel safe and we will process your personal data with the utmost respect. If you still consider that we are processing your personal data in an incorrect manner, you are welcome to contact us. You also have the possibility of submitting a grievance to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate

Right to Object

You have the right to raise an objection at any point in time to the processing of your personal data that is based on our legitimate interest. If we cannot demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing of your data that outweighs your interests, rights and freedoms or that the processing is done for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, then we will no longer process your personal data.

Right to Erasure

You may ask us to delete your personal data, and we will erase such data without undue delay, unless we have a lawful reason to continue processing the data, such as for delivering the requested services or if there is a legal requirement or lawful right for us to retain personal data.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or issues concerning NyxAir processing of personal data, NyxAir marketing or this Privacy Policy in general please contact us by email at

NyxAir OÜ Peterburi tee 44/2, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia