Ad-hoc charter

Are you looking for a fully customizable travel experience with a unique on-board service? NyxAir has got you covered.

We ensure seamless, comfortable, and enjoyable flights that satisfies even the most demanding clients: government officials, athletic teams, tour operators, multinational corporations among many others.


We know that time is a key factor when chartering your own aircraft and that our clients need to feel 100% certain that we are partner that they can rely on. That is why we have set out our very high targets in both punctuality and regularity – to keep us on our toes! You should always be able to trust NyxAir.

Service concepts

When booking a charter flight with NyxAir, any special request can be fulfilled. The service level is always high-end, and the food and drinks can be customized exactly the way you want it. We can offer everything from top class VIP-catering to a light snack depending on the needs and wishes from our clients.

If you have an urgent enquiry, call us on +46 40 636 5220 for an immediate quote, or contact one of the specialists on